Monday, 1 June 2009

Well, here goes...

Hold the nose and jump in at the deep end and..hey, we're blogging! That was easy - why didn't anybody say how easy this blogging lark is?

OK, let's start our first blog with a happy story of how one of our advertisers sold her Stephanie Allin Casablanca wedding dress.

We'll call her 'Andrea'. Which is what her mother called her, too - so we're ok then.

Anway, Andrea decided to sell her Stephanie Allin Casablanca dress on The Dressmarket (Andrea, as you'll see is a very smart lady) and was contacted after a few weeks by a lady who lived about 300 miles away and was very keen on the Casablanca dress. Andrea was faced with the usual problem of how to send a dress to a buyer who wanted to try it on (of course) and still be sure that she would be paid.

So what did she do? Here's what she did. She picked up the phone and talked to the B2B (that's Bride-to-Be for any newbies out there. Arkk - listen to me, one blog and I'm Bill Gates).

Simple as that.

Andrea and the lady from 300 miles away, who shall remain nameless on account of how, well, we don't know her name, chatted for a good long while about dresses, weddings, Mother in laws to be and who knows what else and at the end of it they had a good vibe.

The Lady From 300 Miles Away sent half of the cost of the dress to Andrea's bank account, Andrea sent the dress which was duly tried on and accepted and the remaining half of the money was transferred next day.

The motto of the story? It's good to talk. It's also interesting to note that in the 5 years that The Dressmarket has been helping people buy and sell wedding dresses we have not had a single case where the seller has lost her dress or the buyer lost her money. That's not down to us and it's not about how we are doing anything special - it's down to the fact that 99% of people are honest and decent ...and especially brides it would seem.